Anesthetic Gas Monitors

These devices can be either standalone or or attached to Patient Multi-Parameter Monitors. They are typically found in the Operating Room of hospitals or Surgery Centers. The Anesthesia Gas monitor is used to specify the agent being used and to quantify the amount of agent. The obtained information is displayed with waveforms and alphanumeric on the display monitor.


Poet IQ Anesthesia Gas Monitor

Poet IQ

The Poet IQ is a standalone Anesthesia Gas Monitor.  The  IQ automatically identifies and quantifies inspired and expired CO2, O2, N2O and the five anesthetic agents.  This system is easy to use, and has excellent performance.  It uses side steam technology for gas sampling and automatically determines agent ID.  This unit uses a plasma display to show respiratory rate, Spo2 waveforms and alpha numeric’s.  This monitor has a replaceable water trap and sample line.  The  Poet Iq is shipped with Power cord, water trap, sample line, Spo2 Sensor and operators manual.  This unit comes with a 1-year warranty.  FOB Anaheim, CA

AS-3 Anesthesia Monitor

AS-3 Anesthesia Monitor

The AS-3 is a modular design patient monitor which has the ability to measure and quantify Anesthetic Agents.  The modular design also allows for the additional flexibility of easily changing patient parameters with the interchangeable patient modules.  This unit includes 5 Agent Gas Analyzer (side car), ECG, NIBP, SPO2 and Recorder modules.  The AS-3 is shipped with Power cord, Patient cable, Nibp cuff and hose,  SPO2 sensor, operators manual and a 1-year warranty.  FOB Anaheim, CA.

S-5 Anesthesia Monitor

S-5 Anesthesia Monitor

The S-5 is very similar in performance to the AS-3.  It is a generation newer and has the same flexibility as the as the AS-3.  The modular design allows for greater flexibility.  With the addition of the gas module which is capable of monitoring all five anesthetic gases it can be used as an Anesthesia Monitor.  Multiple patient parameters can be monitored with the addition of a variety of modules.  The standard parameters include Anesthetic Gas, ECG, NIBP, SPO2, Invasive Pressures.  The unit has a modular recorder included.  It is shipped with Power cord, NIBP cuff and hose, SPO2 sensor, Patient cable, operators manual and a 1-year warranty.  FOB Anaheim, CA.


Datascope Gas Module II

Gas Module II

The Datascope Gas Module II is a state of the art breath by breath gas analyzer designed to meet the anesthesia monitoring requirements of the hospital or free standing surgical center. This compact and lightweight gas analyzer makes an excellent addition to an existing Passport 2 monitor. The Gas Module II is capable of monitoring Oxygen, Carbon Dioxide, Nitrous Oxide and all five (5) anesthetic gases. This unit comes with auto agent identification.

Datex Ohmeda

Capnomac Ultima Multi-Parameter

Capnomac Ultima

The Capnomac Ultima multi-parameter airway gas monitor is designed to offer maximum flexibility in meeting your monitoring requirements. The standard configuration for this monitor is with Co2, N20, O2 and anesthetic agent monitoring. They also provide the ability to display and trend gas data and waveforms. Available options are Spo2 and automatic agent identification. This unit’s compact design and easy to use configuration make it an excellent addition to any facility that requires anesthetic agent monitoring.

Datex Ohmeda Rascall II

Rascall II

The Datex Ohmeda Rascall II is a multi-gas analyzer that identifies volatile anesthetic agents.  The Rascall II also comes with SPO2 monitoring.  This unit is also capable of monitoring Oxygen, Nitrogen, Carbon Dioxide and Nitrous Oxide.  The unit has a built in external water trap and strip chart recorder.  This unit is shipped with Power Cord, Water Trap, SPO2 sensor, operators manual and a 1-year warranty.  FOB Anaheim, CA.

GE/ Marquette

Smart Anesthesia Multi-gas module (SAM)


The Smart Anesthesia Multi-gas module (SAM) is an infrared based multi-gas analyzer that is used to detect and measure inspired and expired values for patient gases and calculates respiratory rate. The SAM module recognizes and labels Oxygen (O2), Carbon Dioxide (CO2), Nitrous Oxide (N20) and all five (5) Anesthetic Agents. The patient monitor displays the measured data along with other patient monitored parameters. All patient status alarms are on the patient monitor.


M1026A Philips Patient Monitor


The M1026A is an excellent addition to any Philips patient monitor that is going to be used for patient monitoring in the O.R. or Day Surgery setting. The M1026A Anesthetic Gas Module (AGM) can measure patient’s anesthetic and respiratory gases. The AGM can measure and display waves and numerics for three respiratory gases and one anesthetic agent. The M1026A can automatically detect one out of five anesthetic agents and display this information on the attached patient monitor.

M1019A G5 Intellivue Monitor

M1019A G5

The Philips Intellivue M1019A G5 is a standalone five agent analyzer designed for use with the MP Series of Intellivue Monitor.  The monitor sits on top of the analyzer and connects to the analyzer via a Cat 5 Style cable.  The G5 automatically detects and displays the Agent being used and displays the waveform and alpha numeric on the attached monitor.  It is also capable of monitoring and displaying the respiratory gas of CO2, N2O and O2.  The M1019A has a replaceable water trap and sample line.  As a standalone unit it is shipped with a Power cord, Water trap, Sample line, Operators manual and a 1-year warranty.  The use of the M1019A with a existing M-Series monitor that is not configured with Anesthesia software may require the proper software revisions.  Contact Sales to determine proper revision

M1026B Anesthetic Gas Analyzer

M1026B Analyzer

The Hewlett Packard M1026B is a standalone Anesthetic Gas Analyzer.  It also monitors and displays the Respiratory Gases of CO2, N2O and O2.  The M1026B can be used with the MP Series, Model 40-90, The Philips ACM and the Viridia V24/ V26 monitoring systems.  The standalone version requires an RS 232 Interface board and Interface cable.  Both are optional and sold separately.  The unit is sold with a Power cord, Water trap, Sample line, operators manual and a 1-year warranty.  FOB Anaheim, CA.


90518 Mltigas Side Stream Analyzer

Spacelabs 90518

The Spacelabs 90518 is a multigas side stream analyzer which is used primarily in the Operating Room to measure the patients Co2, the O2 and the N20 and any anesthetic agents that are being administered. The Anesthetic agents monitored are Halothane, Isoflurane, Enflurane, Sevoflurane and Desflurane. The 90518 interfaces to an Ultraview or PCMS patient monitor, which provides the numeric display for gas concentrations, respiratory rate and capnograph waveform for the Co2.