Fetal Monitors/ Fetal Monitoring Equipment

Fetal monitoring equipment is used during the Labor and Delivery process. It is used to monitor the activity of the infant and the mother while she is in labor. Units can be found in Labor rooms and in the offices of OB/GYN Physicians. They can be standalone or networked to a central location. Typically, they are used to monitor and check the activity of the infant by monitoring Fetal Heart Rate and Intrauterine activity. The parameters monitored vary from Fetal activity, Maternal heart rate, Maternal Spo2, Fetal ECG and Maternal NIBP. The parameters monitored are recorded on the built-in recorder. This record is kept of the labor process for historical documentation. These units can be used for single infants or for twins, depending on the capabilities of the monitor.


Corometrics 116 Fetal Monitor


The Corometrics Model 116 Fetal Monitor is capable of monitoring two heart rates maternal and fetal or twins plus uterine contractions. The built in dual channel strip chart recorder is used to document simultaneous trends of beat-to-beat heart rate and uterine activity (UA). Fetal heart rate and uterine activity are displayed continuously on the front panel numeric display. The Model 116 includes one Toco and one Ultrasound transducer and additional Ultrasound transducers are available as an option.

Corometrics 118 Fetal/Maternal Monitor


The Corometrics Model 118 is an intrapartum fetal/maternal monitor. The basic Model 118 comes standard with dual ultrasound, fetal ECG, maternal ECG and uterine activity capabilities. Our units are configured with the optional, integrated maternal pulse oximetry (SpO2) and non-invasive blood pressure monitoring. The Corometrics Model 118 Monitor is intended for testing of fetal well-being in the high-risk pregnancy. This monitor is also intended for monitoring maternal vital signs to help assess maternal well-being. All units are sold with one toco transducer, one ultrasound transducer and remote event marker. Additional ultrasound transducers are available as an option.

Corometrics 128


The Corometrics Model 128 provides comprehensive monitoring of maternal and fetal parameters. The Model 128 Monitor is twin capable with Dual Ultrasound, FECG, and Uterine Activity with both Toco and IUP. In addition to these standard parameters the Model 128 has integrated maternal NIBP and Spo2. These units are sold with one Toco and one Ultrasound transducer. Additional transducers are available as an option.

Corometrics Model 556


The Corometrics Model 556 makes an excellent addition to the NICU.  The 556 has a detachable flat panel display which can be removed and set on a counter top or roll stand.  The modular design allows for interchangeable modules to meet your specific needs.  The basic unit comes with ECG, SPO2 and NIBP.  Also included are the Power cord, Patient cable, SPO2 sensor, NIBP cuff and hose, Operators manual and a 1-year warranty.  FOB Anaheim, CA.

Hewlett Packard

HP M1350A Fetal Monitor


The Hewlett Packard M1350A is a twin capable fetal monitor.  It gives the user the ability to monitor both fetal rate and fetal intrauterine activity.  This unit has an excellent place in the Private Physicians office as a stand alone unit or in the Labor and Delivery Department where it can be used in conjunction with the optional Fetal Monitoring System.  The built in recorder provides for a permanent record of fetal activity.  The system uses two Ultrasound transducers and a single Toco transducer to monitor the patient.  For single monitoring of fetal heart rate, only one Ultrasound transducer is required.  The bedside monitor comes with: Power cord, two Ultrasound transducers, one Toco transducer, remote event marker, Operators manual and a 1-year warranty.  FOB Anaheim, CA.

Philips M1350B Fetal/ Maternal Monitor


The Philips Series 50XM Fetal/ Maternal Monitor combines advanced fetal monitoring with integrated maternal non-invasive blood pressure, maternal ECG and maternal pulse oximetry. This monitor provides the flexible monitoring capability needed for both high-risk patients and those with normal labor and delivery. This monitor measures traditional fetal parameters and is twin capable. The monitor has a tilt able LCD screen and built in recorder for documentation of fetal and maternal parameters. This unit can be configured for the optional transmission of maternal and fetal parameters to an obstetrical overview system. This unit comes with one Toco and one Ultrasound transducer. Additional ultrasound transducers and networking are available as options.

Philips Fetal Monitors

FM 30 Fetal Monitor

Philips FM 30 Fetal MonitorThe Philips FM 30 Intrapartum Fetal Monitor is a compact and easy to use Fetal Monitor that displays various fetal parameters such as Ultrasound, Fetal Movement, Direct fetal Heart Rate Toco and Interuterine pressures as well as Maternal pulse rate and ECG.  The FM 30 is compatible with the Avalon Cordless Transducer System which provides freedom of movement during continous monitoring.  The FM 30 has Maternal SPO2 and NIBP available as options.  This unit come with power cord, Toco Transducer, Ultrasound Transducer, Maternal ECG Cable, operators manual and a 1-year warranty on the monitor and a 6 month warranty on the transducers.  FOB Anaheim, CA.

FM 50 Fetal Monitor

Philips FM 50 Fetal Monitor

The Philips FM 50 Fetal Monitor is a family member of the prestigious FM Series of Fetal Monitors.  It has the same  parameter funtions as the FM 30, however, it includes Maternal SPO2 and Maternal NIBP with heart rate.  With the FM 30 these parameters are available as options.  Included with this product are power cord, Toco transducer, Ultrasound transducer, Spo2 Sensor, NIBP cuff and Hose, MAternal ECG cable, operators manual and a 1-year warranty on the monitor and a 6 month warranty on the transducers.  FOB Anaheim, CA.