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Jet Medical Electronics wants to be your one-stop medical equipment supplier. Our excellent selection of monitoring systems is unmatched and includes products from leading manufacturers, such as GE, Philips, Dinamap, Welch Allyn, Nellcor, and more. But, ultimately Jet Medical wants to serve our customers. Our goal is to be a one-stop shop for all your monitoring equipment needs, which is why we offer a full range of services, including sales, equipment rentals, exchange programs, 24/7 customer service, repairs, parts, and supplies. We sell medical equipment parts for all your monitoring equipment, including display units, cables, racks, keypads, repair kits, replacement modules, and much more. If you don’t see what you need listed on our website, please contact us and we will do our best to secure the parts you need. You take care of your patients, and we’ll take care of you.

Hewlett Packard


M1092 A

The M1092 display is a replacement for the Monochrome Display found on earlier M1176A Patient Beside Monitors. M1092A DISPLAY


M1094BThe M1094A and M1094B are replacement displays for the M1176A Patient bedside monitor.  All units have been rebuilt.  The difference between the units is the location of the connectors in the rear of the display.  Both units are Color Monitors.

 DC/DC Converter (HP-0950-1954)

The DC to DC Converter is commonly found in the M1176A Patient Bedside Monitor.  Unit is rebuilt to manufacturers specifications and has a 1-year warranty.   DC/DC Converter




SDN Cable, 3 foot (HP- 78599A1-J03)

This cable is used to interface M1176A Bedsides and Central Stations to the SDN network.  SDN Cable



Internal Rack (HP-M1043-68001)HP M1043 Internal Rack

The M1043 Internal Rack is the replacement rack assembly for the M1176A Patient Monitor and the Central Station.  It accepts Modules for the Bedside and the Central Station.

External Rack (HP-M1041-68001)

HP M1041 External Rack

The M1041 External Rack  is the replacement for the M1204 and M1205 External Rack.  The rack is used to interface modules to the Patient Monitor.

Rack Interface Cable (HP- 8120-5235)

This is the replacement cable for interfacing the External Rack with theRack Interface Cable M1204/M1205 External Rack.

Volex Adapter (HP-Volex)

The Volex adpter is used to interface bedside monitors in those areas where the network has been change to utilize CAT 5 cabling.HP Volex Adapter


Keypad and Cable Version B (HP-M1106-66100)

This keypad and cable acts as a extension cable so that the bedside monitor can be accessed from a more remote location in the patient room.  It comes with keypad and coiled extension cable.Keypad and Cable Version B


Keypad and Cable Version C (HP-M1106-66300)

This keypad and cable are the same as the version “B” and functions in the same manner and application.HP-M1106-66300 Keypad & Cable






The M1001A ECG Module is available as either an exchange or an outright purchase.  ( Cable and leadset not included.)



M1002A ECG Module The M1002A ECG Module is available as either an exchange or outright purchase.  (Cable and leadset not included.)  It includes respiration and comes with a flat bezel.


ECG Module (M1002B)M1002B ECG Module

This M1002B module includes Respiration and has a curved bezel.  (Cable and leadset not included).

Invasive Blood Pressure (M1006A)

Invasive Blood Pressure ModuleThe M1006A Module is used for monitoring Invasive Blood Pressures.  (Cable not included.)   It is available as an outright or exchange purchase.  It comes with a flat bezel.


Sidesteam ETCO2 (M1015A)

M1015A Sidesteam ETCO2

The M1015A is amodule that is used to monitor ETCO2.  It uses Sidestream Technology and does not require an external transducer.

Temperature Module (M1029A)

M1029A Module Temperature

The M1029A Module is used to monitor patient temperatures and will function with a number if re-usable or disposable temperature probes.  (Probe not included)

Vue Link Module (M1032A)

M1032A Vue Link Module

The M1032A Vue Link module is used to interface peripheral equipment to the patient monitor.  External SPO2 monitors,  ventilators and gas analyzers are a few examples.  Device drivers and interface cables are required to complete the interface.  (Interface cables are not included.)

Recorder Module (M1116A)

M1116 A Recorder Module

The M1116 A Recorder Module comes with a flat bezel.

Recorder Module (M1116B)

Recorder Module

This unit is the as the M1116A, however, it comes with a curved bezel.



USB Recorder Buttons (M3176C)


M3176C USB Recorder Button

The part for the M3176C USB Recorder is the replacement buttons.




Module Repair Kits

Module Overlays

In many cases the only problem with a Module Overlaysparticular module is wear and tear on the Module Overlay.  This overlay is easily replaced and is available for a variety of both single wide and double wide modules.  Some examples are ECG/ RESP, SPO2, IBP, and TEMP.  Double wide modules, suchas NIBP and RECORDER are also available.

Module Kits, Single Wide

Bezel Single Kit

In some cases it may be required to replace the overlay and the bezel.  Each single wide kit comes with the bezel and your choice of overlay.


Module Kits, Double Wide

If you are required to replaceBezel Double Kit both the bezel and the overlay on a double wide module, these are available in he Double Wide Module kit.  They come with either the NIBP or the recorder overlays.



Telemetry Transmitters

M2601 600 Mhz without SPO2 (M2601-88120)

M2601 Transmitter

This M2601 transmitter is a 600Mhz device that is available for exchange or outright purchase.  This device comes without SPO2.  Please provide a frequency when ordering.

M2601 600 Mhz with Spo2 (M2601-89020)

M2601 transmitter without SPO2

This device is the same as the unit above, however, it has built in SPO2.  Please provide a frequency for programming.

M2601 600 Mhz Main Board (M2601-68120)

M2601 Main PC Board

For the experienced service technician who would like to replace a defective Main Board, this part is available as an exchange or outright purchase.  M2604 Receiver Housing

M2604 Power Supply (M2604-68001)

M2604 Receiver Power Supply

In many cases the main failure of the M2604 Receiver Housing can be isolated to the Power Supply.


M1722 Codemaster

M1722 CRT PCA (M1722-67210)M1722 Codemaster Monitor Display

Replacement CRT Assembly for the M1722 Series Codemaster Monitor/ Defibrilator.



Control PCA (M1722-68100)Codemaster Control PCA

The Control PCA is the heart and brains of the Codemaster Defibriilator/ Monitor.

Front Bezel (M1722-69502)

This replacement bezel is available with various Front Bezel M1722A Codemasteroptions that are available with the M1722A Codemaster.  When ordering please be ready to specify any options that may be on your unit bezel.

Recorder Module (Tan) (M1722-69520)

Codemaster Recorder

This replacement recorder module is for the M1722A and is the Tan version.


Recorder Module (Yellow) (M1722-69529)Codemaster Recorder Module

This is the same version of recorder for the M1722A, but is the high visibility yellow unit.


Power Supply (M1722-69530)

M1722A Codemaster Power Supply

This is the replacement part for the M1722A Codemaster.  This item is re-built to all specifications.


Control PCA (M4735-68100)

M4735A Control PCAReplacement Control PCA for the M4735A Heartstart Defibrillator.  There are two versions of this PCA.  The difference is the mounting of the PCA.  When requesting replacement, please refer to the acutal number from the PCA.


Paddle Sets

M1746A Paddle Set with PCI

M1746A Paddle SetReplacement Paddles for the M1722a Codemaster.  These are Adult Anterior/Anterior with Pediatric under the adapters.

M1784A Internal Paddles with 7.5 Spoons

M1784A Internal PaddlesReplacement Internal Paddles with 7.5mm spoons.


M1786A Internal Paddles with 4.5 Spoons

M1786A Internal Paddles

Replacement Internal Paddles with 4.5mm spoons.


M1789A Adult Paddle Adapters

M1789A Adult Paddle AdaptersReplacement Adult Paddle Adapters for Anterior/Anterior Paddles.


M4735A Adult Paddle Set (M4746-69100)

M4735A Adult Paddle Set

Replacement Adult Paddle Set for the M4735A Heartstart Defibrillator.


Fetal Monitors

M1350A Front End PCA (M1350-69511)

Replacement Front End PCA for theM1350A Front End PCA M1350A Fetal Monitor.



M1350B Front End PCA (M1350-69517)

M1350B Front End PCA

Replacement Front End PCA for the M1350B Fetal Monitor.

M1350 Printer Assembly (M1350-69602)

M1350 Printer Assembly

Replacement Printer for the M1350 Series Fetal Monitors.




Corometrics/ GE

Corometrics Series 120 Fetal Monitor

Corometrics 120 Series Main PCA (11619A)

Replacement Main PCA for the Corometrics 120 CM 120 Main PCA (11619A) Series Fetal Monitoring Systems.


Corometrics 120 Series Recorder (11822A-1)

Corometrics 120 Series RecorderReplacement Recorder Assembly for the Corometrics 120 Series of Fetal Monitors.




Pediatric Adapters (800418)Pediatric Adapters Control Paddle sets

Pediatric Adapters for Physio- Control Paddle sets.



Pacing Cable for Life Pack 9 (802905-03)

Life Pack 9 Pacing CableLife Pack 9 Pacing Cable.



Recorder Assembly for Life Pack 9/10/11/12 (804189-00)

Life Pack RecorderThis is the replacement Recorder for the Life-Pack 9/10/11/12 Patient Monitor/Defibrillator.


Recorder Platen/ Door for Life Pack 9/10/11/12 (804189DR)

Replacement Platen/Door for the Life Pack 9/10/11/12 (804189-00) recorder assembly.Recorder Platen


Space Labs

Space Labs 90467 Module

The 90467 Module contains the Adult NIBP and SPO2Space Labs 90467 Module parameters.





Space Labs 90470 Module

Space Labs 90470 Module

The 90470 Module has ECG, Pressure 1, Pressure 2, Temperature 1 and Temperature 2 for Patient Parameters.



Space Labs 90496 Command Module

Space Labs - 90496 Command Module

The 90496 Command Module has Patient Parameters for ECG, Pressure 1 and 2, Temperature 1 and 2, SPO2, Adult and Pediatric NIBP.




Recorder Modules

AR-40 Recorder Module

AR-40 Recorder Module

This part is a replacement recorder module for the AR-40 recorder module.



AR-41 Recorder Module

AR-41 Recorder ModuleThis is the replacement recorder for the AR- 41 recorder module.



AR-42 Recorder Module

AR-42 Recorder Module

This is the replacement recorder for the AR-42 recorder module.




Recorder Module for the LP 9/10/11/12 (804189-00)


This recorder module is for replacemt in the Life Pack 9, 10, 11, 12.




Recorder Platen/ Door for the LP 9/10/11/12 (804189DR)platen

Replacement platen/door for the LP 9/10/11/12 (804189-00)



GE/ Dash Recorder Module

GE/ Dash Recorder Module

Replacement recorder module for the Dash 3000, 4000 and 5000.



M3176C USB Recorder Buttons

M3176C USB Recorder Buttons

These are the replacement buttons for the M3176C USB Recorders.



Replacement Rollers

GS Roller

GS Roller Recorder

Repalcement roller for GS Recorder.



GS AR 40/41 Roller (119-0044-00)

GS AR 40/41 Roller

Replacement roller for GS AR 40 and AR 41 Recorder.



GS AR 42 Roller (620-21098 Spindle type)

GS AR 42 Spindle RollerReplacement roller for the AR 42 Recorder.  Includes Spindle.



Roller for Philips/HP M1116 Recorder (M1116-40070)

M1116-40070 RollerReplacement roller for the HP/Philips M1116 Recorder.


Recorder Shaft for Physio-Control LP 9/10/11/12 (806752-44)

Replacement roller Shaft for Life Pack 9/10/11/12 50mm recorder.

$15.00Image preview

Roller for Physio-Control LP 9/10/11/12 (806752-10)

Roller Recorder

Roller for the Life Pack 9/10/11/12 recorder.



Roller for Space Labs 90449 Recorder (90449)

Space Labs 90449 Recorder

Replacement roller for the Space Labs 90449 Recorder.



Roller for the Marquette PRN 50/Dash Recorder (PRN 50/Dash)

PRN 50 Dash recorder


Replacement roller for the PRN 50 and the Dash recorder.



Replacement Roller for the XE 50 Recorder

Replacement Roller RecorderReplacement roller for the XE 50 recorder used in the Life Pack 20 and the Philips MRX defibrillator.