Patient Telemetry Monitors

A patient’s stay in the hospital may require a lower level of monitoring.  Patient Telemetry Systems allow for this to be done. Normally, when a patient is moved from an Intensive Care or ER Unit his need for multi-parameter monitoring has diminished. When moved to an Intermediate Care area the patient, can be put on a patient telemetry system, which will provide for basic monitoring of his ECG. It also allows for the patient to become more ambulatory, which will help in his continued improvement. Patient Telemetry units act as small transmitters that wirelessly send the patient ECG over a specific frequency to a central location for display and monitoring. At this location, the medical staff can be aware of changes in the patient’s heart rate and wave forms, hard copy strips can be recorded for the patient’s history and chart. Some transmitters also allow for the monitoring of additional parameters such as SPO2.

Our Telemetry Products

What is a telemetry monitor?

Patient telemetry monitors are portable boxes that are attached to patients. These monitors will display your heart rhythm and rate in a format that nurses, technicians, and doctors can monitor. With this continuous monitoring, doctors are better equipped to diagnose and treat the patient. If there are every any abnormal rhythms, the monitor sends an alarm and while also printing a strip of the rhythm for the doctor to review.

How is the monitor attached?

While all the products that we offer a slightly different, for the most part, there are 5 electrodes (or wires) that are taped to the chest, shoulders, and arms of the patient.

At Jet Medical Electronics, we offer a wide variety of telemetry monitors for your needs. From:

  • GE
  • Hewlett Packard
  • Invivo/MDE
  • Philips
  • Spacelabs
  • Vital Com


We also offer repair of patient telemetry monitors. With quick and easy service, you can trust the professionals at Jet Medical.

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M4841A Telemetry Transmitter

Philips IntelliVue

M4841A Telemetry Transmitter

GE Marquette Apex Pro

GE Marquette

Apex Pro

GE Marquette Apex Pro CH

GE Marquette

Apex Pro CH

GE Marquette Apex Pro

GE Marquette

Apex S

HP M1400B Telemetry

Hewlett Packard

M1400B & Magic

Hewlett Packard / Philips M2601A

Hewlett Packard / Philips


Escort 20701 Telepak


Escort 20701 Telepak

Philips m2601b Telemetry



Philips M4841A Telemetry



Spacelabs 90343



Spacelabs 90347



Vital Com Quinton DT 4000

Vital Com

Quinton DT 4000