Philips M4735A  Heartstart Bi-Phasic Monitor/Defibrillator

M4735A Heartstart Bi-Phasic Monitor


When the time is NOW!   NOW is time for the Philips M4735A!

In critical situations there is no time to spare.  The M4735A is a portable, lightweight Defibrillator.  It’s Bi-Phasic technology, excellent portability and ease of use makes it an excellent choice for critical situations.  The ever versatile M4735A can be used in either ALS or BLS mode, which makes it easily adaptabile to any emergency situation.  This unit includes a built-in Pacing system to complete it’s flexability for any application.

This device comes to you Patient Ready with Power cord, Patient cable,  Hands Free Pacing adapter, new Battery, Operators Manual and a 1-year warranty.  FOB Anaheim, CA.  Spo2 and External Anterior/ Anterior paddles are optional.


 (Dealer Pricing Available)