Vital Signs Monitors

Vital Signs Monitors are compact and portable devices that can be found in many areas of a Healthcare facility. They are used to monitor and record simple patient parameters. Typically these units are monitoring the patients NIBP and Spo2. They can be single use or set to a timed mode for periodic measurements on a patient. The Vital Signs Monitor is usually mounted on a roll stand for ease of movement between patients. Vital sign monitors can be used to prescreen patients on and inpatient or outpatient setting. Vital sign monitors can also be used during minor procedures to monitor the selected parameters. Options available for these units are ECG and temperature.

Jet Medical Electronics is a leading supplier of a wide range of Vital Signs Monitors. These monitors measure patient parameters such as diastolic, systolic, and mean pressures, temperature, pulse, and oxygen saturation. Our inventory of new and pre-owned Vital Signs Monitors includes products from trusted names such as Dinamap, Datascope, Philps, Welch Allyn, Dates Ohmeda, Masimo, and Nellcor. When choosing a monitor that is right for you, consider some of the following features:

  • Portability—We have stationary monitors, pole-mounted models, and hand-held monitors.
  • Size—Vital Signs Monitors come in a variety of sizes for use in different settings, from ORs to neonatal units.
  • Alarms—Audible and visual alarms are available on many of our units.
  • Power—Our inventory includes plug-in models and battery-operated models, as well as some models that have the option for both types of power.
  • Automation—Several of our models include automatic features such as automatic pressure zeroing that eliminate the need for constant calibration.
    All our monitors are covered by warranty and include our 24/7 customer service.


Dinamap 1846 SX2 blood pressure monitor

Dinamap 1846 SX2

The Dinamap 1846 SX is a non-invasive blood pressure monitor for systolic, diastolic and mean pressure and pulse rate.  The 1846 SX NIBP monitor has fully automatic patient selection and monitoring that tracks rapid pressure changes.  An audible and visual alarm system is standard.  Automatic pressure zeroing reduces the need for constant calibration verification.  This unit would make an excellent addition to any Physicians Office for routine non-invasive blood pressures.  The 1846 SX2 is sold with a power cord, NIBP cuff and Hose, operators manual and a 1 year warranty.

Dinamap 8100T monitor

Dinamap 8100T

The Critikon Dinamap 8100T vital signs monitor automatically measures systolic and diastolic pressure and pulse rate for adult, neonatal and pediatric patients. The 8100T also integrates into the standard blood pressure monitor a patient temperature probe, temperature display, connecting port, and operations keys. Blood pressure and temperature readings are independent and may be taken simultaneously. The temperature display takes the place of the Mean Arterial Pressure (MAP) display on the face of the Dinamap monitor.  The Dinamap 8100T runs either on AC power or on the internal rechargeable 12-volt battery. The battery will last a minimum of six hours with full charge, with a recharge time of approx. 16 hours and comes with an integral pole clamp.  This unit is sold with temp. probe, power cord, new battery, nibp cuff and hose and operators manual and warranty.

Dinamap 9300 XL Provides

9300 XL & Dinamap

The Dinamap 9300 XL provides for the determination of Systolic, Diastolic and Mean Arterial blood pressure. This unit has a built in rechargeable battery pack which allows for continued use during patient transport or power failure. Battery operation, when fully charged, is six hours. The integral pole clamp allows for mounting on an IV pole. The 9300 XL also has a built in temperature system. The device is shipped with temperature probe, cuff and dual hose.

Dinamap Plus - Portable Monitor

Dinamap Plus

The Dinamap Plus was designed as a portable monitor for the measurement of Nibp and Spo2 in settings throughout the hospital setting.  It was also designed to be expandable by adding parameters.  The Dinamap Plus (8700) comes with Nibp and Spo2.  The Model 8710 adds ECG to the basic parameters of the 8700.  The Model 8720 adds temperature and two invasive pressures to those of the 8710.  The Dinamap also has an optional battery system that includes space for two batteries and the recorder (8726).  Units are sold with the appropriate accessories, depending on the model sold.  All units include a 1-year warranty.  FOB Anaheim, CA

DINAMAP Compact Monitor

Dinamap Compact TS

The DINAMAP Compact Monitors provide noninvasive determination of systolic blood pressure, diastolic blood pressure, mean arterial pressure, pulse rate, temperature, and oxygen saturation. These portable AC- and -DC operated monitors are primarily intended for use in hospital acute care settings.   The DINAMAP Compact TS Monitor comes with NIBP, Spo2, Temperature and Pulse.  These units are sold with all appropriate accessories and come with a !-year warranty.  FOB Anaheim, Ca.

Dinamap V100 Monitor

Dinamap V100 Monitor

The V100 Vital Signs monitor was designed for maximum portability and ease of use.  This unit can be operated on AC line or in battery mode.  It provides for immediate access to patient vital signs of NIBP. SPO2 and Temperature.  The V100 is available with an optional recorder.  The unit comes complete with Power cord, Nibp cuff and hose, Spo2 Sensor, new battery, operators manual and 1-year warranty.  FOB Anaheim, CA.

Dinamap V100 Monitor

Procare Series

The GE DINAMAP ProCare Series of vital signs monitors is the most recent addition to high quality  patient monitoring.  With the Procare Series you can take vital sign measurements that are fast, accurate and comfortable. Get reliable temperature readings in seconds. And get oxygen saturation readings with your choice of leading SpO2 technologies. The Procare Series Pro 100 is the basic model with NIBP and Pulse.  The Procare 200 adds temperature to the basic model parameters.  The Procare 300 is equipped with NIBP, Pulse and Spo2.  The model 400 combines all parameters.  All units are shipped with the appropriate accessories for each model.  All models are capable of being used on AC line or Battery operation.  Units come with a 1-year warranty.  FOB Anaheim, CA.


Datascope 2200T

Datascope 2200T

The Datascope Model 2200T a device that is used to monitor non-invasive blood pressure and display the results on the LCD numeric displays for each parameter.  The T Model also has temperature and has a built in recorder for printing a hardcopy of the trended results.  The large LCD Flat panel is used to display trended data and NIBP waveform.  The unit is sold with NIBP Cuff and Hose, new battery, Power cord, temperature sensor, operators manual and a 1-year warranty.  Shipping is FOB Anaheim, CA.

Datascope Accutor Plus

Accutor Plus

The Datascope Accutorr Plus is a compact and lightweight portable Vital Signs Monitor. This unit features a front panel digital display for Mean Arterial Pressures, Temperature and Time and an extra large display for the Systolic, Diastolic, Pulse Rate and Spo2. The Accutorr Plus can store up to 100 measurements in its memory and has an Interval Mode which enables the unit to take automatic NIBP measurements at timed intervals. The flexibility of this unit makes it a welcome addition to a physician’s office, clinic, surgery center or hospital.


M3929A  A3 Monitor

The Philips M3 Monitor (Model 3929A) is a quality high end monitor.  It is extremly flexible and portable.  This unit has an easy to read color display and the M3929A comes complete with ECG, Nibp, SPO2, Temperature ana3d a built in recorder.  It fuctions very well in a variety of capacities with in the healthcare system.  It is battery or line operated and can be configured for either Adult of Neonate modes of operation.  This unit is shipped complete with ECG cable, Nibp cuff and hose, SPO2 sensor, power cord and new battery.  Also included is an operators manual and a 1-year warranty.  FOB Anaheim, CA.


Philips M2601A Telemetry Transmitter

M2636A Telemon

The M2636 A is used in  conjunction with the Philips M2601A and M2601B Telemetry Transmitter (w/spo2).  They can be unsed to display real-time ECG, SPO2 and Nibp readings.  The telemon can also be used for the programming transmitters to replace defective units.  This device is battery operated and comes with an AC charger, new battery, operators manual , Nibp cuff and hose and a 1-year warranty.  Does not include transmitter.  FOB Anaheim, CA.

M2636C Telemon Monitor

M2636C Telemon

The M2636C Telemon Monitor performs the same functions as the previous unit (M2636A).  The M2636C Telemon will work with the M2601A, M2601B and the M4841A transmitters.  This unit comes with required cablining for the M4841A, AC power source, NIBP cuff and hose, operators manual, new battery and a 1-year warranty  Does not include transmitter.  FOB Anaheim, CA

Portable Vital Signs Monitor


The VS1 is a portable Vital Signs Monitor. It can be used to automatically measure pulse rate, oxygen saturation, noninvasive blood pressures and temperatures. This unit has a large, colored LED display for current parameters. This monitor can be used on AC or on the internal 6 volt battery. This device can be a welcome addition to a hospital, outpatient surgery center or private practitioner’s office. This device can be mounted on a roll stand or set on a counter top.

Welch Allyn

VSM 300VSM 300 Vital Signs Monitor

The VSM 300 Series is a very portable and easy to use Vital Signs Monitor.  This device comes configured with NIBP and SPO2 (Nellcor).  The battery operated VSM 300 can be hand carried or mounted on a roll stand. The large, easy to read display makes it an excellent choice for the Surgery Center, Clinic, Hospital or Physicians Office.  It comes with Power cord, Battery, NIBP Cuff and Hose, Spo2 Sensor, operators manual and a 1-year warranty.  FOB Anaheim, CA.  A mounting solution and roll stand are optional.


Etco2 and Pulse Oximeters

Datex Ohmeda


Datex Ohmeda 5200

The Datex Ohmeda 5200 is a micro-processor controlled monitor for the monitoring of Inspired and Expired End Titled CO2.  It displays the  digital and graphic values on the internal digital displays.  This device is frequently found in Anesthesia or small Operating rooms for monitoring the respiratory progress and status of patients during procedures.   Units come with power cord and water trap and a 1- year warranty.  FOB Anaheim, CA.


Masimo Radical Spo2 Monitor


The Masimo Radical is an extremely flexible and portable Spo2 Monitor.  It is line or battery operated system  and can be table mounted or pole mounted.  The front of the monitor can be removed and used as a portable Spo2 Monitor.  The easily viewable display features the Spo2 level, pulse rate and a view of the Spo2 Waveform.  This unit is easily upgradeable through the front input connect to accommodate newer sensors and software.  It comes with power cord, new battery, sensor and operators manual and a 1-year warranty.  FOB Anaheim, CA.


Bedside Spo2 Monitor

Nellcor Model 395

The Nellcor 395 is a portable or bedside Spo2 Monitor which uses Nellcor Technology.  This device can be operated on battery, which is built in, or can be used on AC power.  This unit can be used for either neonate or adult patients.  Alarms are adjustable for either patient type.  The adjustable display will display both heart rate and spo2 setting along with the spo2 waveform.  This unit comes with power cord, new battery, spo2 sensor, operators manual and a 1-year warranty.  FOB Anaheim, CA.

Nellcor Model 595

Nellcor Model 595

The Nellcor 595 functions in a similar manner as the N395, however, the improved software allows for greater improvement in the detection of the spo2 signal.  This unit comes with power cord, new battery, spo2 sensor,  operators manual and a 1-year warranty.  FOB Anaheim, CA.

Oridion Capnostream 20

Capnostream Bedside MonitorThe Capnostream bedside monitor provides accurate, continuous capnography and pulse oximetry monitoring for intubated and non-intubated patients. The Capnostream 20 allows for simultaneous “hassle free” EtCO2 and SpO2 monitoring for proven airway management and by providing the earliest indication of airway compromise.  The Capnostream 20 provides and accurate and reliable assement of the patients breathing quality.  The large color screen displays Co2 and Spo2 measurement.  The unit provides for 72 hour patient trends and includes a built-in thermal printer for bedside documentation.  Included with this unit is the Power cord, Battery, Sample line and filter, Spo2 sensor and cable, Operators manual and a 1-year warranty.  FOB Anaheim, CA