Diamond Choice Certified

Pre-Owned Cardiac Monitoring

Clearly the best in patient monitoring

Patient Monitoring Solutions Jet Medical is proud to offer “Diamond Choice Certified” Pre-Owned Cardiac Monitoring.

Jet Medical understands that you have many choices when it comes to cardiac monitoring. We help you by selecting only the finest pieces of equipment for our “Diamond Choice Certified” Pre-Owned program.

All of our “Diamond Choice Certified” Pre-Owned cardiac monitoring equipment goes through a 128 point quality certification process. We require the use of educated biomedical certified technicians during this process.

For more than 20 years, Jet Medical in Anaheim, CA, has been an industry leader in the Pre-Owned cardiac monitoring. We understand the value of Pre-Owned cardiac monitoring.

Don’t replace when you can simply upgrade or add on. With Jet Medical “Diamond Choice Certified” Pre-Owned equipment you can upgrade your existing equipment or simply add to it.

Jet Medical also services every product we sell. All products come with a 1 Year warranty and 30 day money back guarantee.